Sunday, December 13, 2009

No longer the black or shall I say, brunette sheep...

Last week for a belated birthday present my Sister in Law Eden took me out and we got our hair cut and colored (by a pro. Not me doing it from a box..)then went to lunch. We had a great time even though I got a call from my babysitter saying my babe was screaming his ever loving head off. Unfortunately there wasn't much I could do as we were in the middle of highlights. (Sorry Maren!) When it was all said and done Maren and Tiernen were at least on friendly terms, Eden had bangs and I had mostly blond hair! I know right?! I have always been the lone Brunette girl in a family of pure true blonde's. I have never even consider being anything but a brunette with the occasional Carmel highlight here and there. I admit I tried red highlights a couple of times but is was a bust. Not today. Today I feel like I have beautiful hair. who knows I may just stay
this way. The way I hear it blonde's have more fun anyhow...

As for my teaser post sorry to leave you (all 2 of ya) hanging I wanted to post pics and my camera was down so here ya go. Oh, by the way did I mention I am going to school full time winter quarter? I am signed up and ready to go. Like I said people, changes.
Until next time, N


owona said...

Love the hair...great pic...shows the cut and color perfectly, although I would have liked to have seen your GOR-GEOUS face, too! I'm excited for all the changes, and that you're going back to school. It will be a fun challenge, and I'm looking forward to hearing all about it. It was so wonderful to see you and the rest of the fam on Sunday...we had a wonderful time! Love ya! :) Tooty

tharker said...

I LOVE it! I can't wait to see the whole look in person!

And you're starting school? That's so awesome Niki!

21st Century Patriot said...

It looks great from the picture but I want to see the complete package! Where is that smiling face?? You have the prettiest hair, no matter what color, length or style. What are you doing in school? Have a MERRY CHRISTMAS if I don't talk to you sooner! Love, Carrie P

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