Wednesday, February 3, 2010

home work & home - work

This week I had Two HUGE papers due, one test, one quiz, and a whole unit in math to complete. As of today I have finished one test,one quiz,two papers adn 1/2 a unit of math. I now have 1/2 a unit to complete and although I finished the original papers due at the beginning of the week I now have the joy of adding anotherbut it's not due until next week Oh and another quiz that is due by Sunday( I can take that one online bonus!) Thank Heavens for small favors. This is all on top of regular life. Ya know, kids piano, scouts( pine wood derby coming next week), chores,bills,dinners, laundry, family time and the list goes ON and ON! I think I have been a little spoiled the last several years getting to stay home and work on my own schedule. Oh well this too shall pass and it had better be with a freaking A!