Monday, May 24, 2010

Saturday, May 22, 2010

spring break 2010

This year we...
Danced on the tableshad an Easter Egg Hunt

Worked on our little Yellow House in Burbank
( Look at those new floors)
Got put in time out on top of Lockers
(does he look like he's being punished?)

Played at Grammy's

Climbed trees

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

better late then never.

I know I'm late posting this but we have been really sick around here so better late then never right? Rieken Turned 5... FIVE! on May 12th.. Can you believe it's been five years since we had him? Me either. A few of my favorite things things about Rieken right now are...
He loves the outdoors. He loves to climb trees, ride his bike, swim and dig in the dirt

He Has tons of funny facial expressions

He is handsome and whitty and can always put a smile on my face

Happy Birthday Rieken. Thanks for being just the way you are. We woudn't trade you for anything.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day
I will be spending it
~~~Not teaching my class for primary because I get to go to R.S for Mother's Day
~~~Chocolate Truffles
~~~Not cooking because we bought meats, cheeses, rolls and the handy man is gonna whip up a fruit salad and veggie tray.
~~~Chocolate Truffles
~~~Not doing dishes because we love picnic wear. Who doesn't?
~~~Chocolate Truffles
~~~Getting to rest and relax with the other Mom's in my family. My sis Tiffany, My MOM. my SIL's Eden and Sheri.
~~~And did I mention Chocolate Truffles?
I'm thinking this is rounding out to be a great day. I hope yours is great too.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Rimmasch Haus Funnies Day Two

our 23 month old
  • I asked him if he wanted a snuggle and a ni-night and he said ...
he was obviously VERY sleepy so I asked him again and he said...
"hmmm... Well then" I said, what about just a snuggle?
His reply?
Yup! and he climbed into to my lap as fast as he could. .
My sweet beastie is tricky, he wanted the snuggle he just didn't want the ni-night.
that's okay I'll take it.
  • if you ask him where his nose is he gives you a blank starebut, if you ask him to were his honk is he will point right to it.

He Loves backpacks but can't really stand Dora. So the whole time he watches Dora he says,"NO My Pack Pack , No Dora! It's awesome!

  • Every week at church with out fail we drop him off at nursery, He starts to cry, we leave and then he falls asleep, pretty much instantly. The nursery workers love him. I can't decide if he does it because it's his defense mechanism or if it's just pay backs so he naps at church and then I don't have any down time after church while he naps...

Friday, May 7, 2010

Rimmasch Haus funnies day 1

As you all know I have been gone (from blogging) for a while and I thought I was back but I guess I wasn't so here I am popping in to share a few highlights in my life lately so you don't start having withdrawals.
Rieken 4 yrs:
singing his version of the Back Yard Again's scurvy pirate song at the top of his lungs...
wait for it...
~~~~~~ What do you do with a purvey pirate? ~~~~~~
Yeah I almost peed too:)
Saying thank you in Spanish
~~~~Grouchy ass~~~~
Telling me what kind of birthday party he wants
Him: Vanilla Me: Vanilla what do you mean vanilla?
Him: Uh I thought you went to college already...
During church about a month ago he was plucking out my hair one by one and he wouldn't stop!
Me: (all threatening mad and whispery)...Rieken I swear on all that's holy if you don't stop pulling my hair...
Him: shh you can't be mean in Jesus's house or you won't get invited back...
Man I love that kid!
Come back tommorrow for Rimmasch Haus funnies day 2 .