Saturday, May 8, 2010

Rimmasch Haus Funnies Day Two

our 23 month old
  • I asked him if he wanted a snuggle and a ni-night and he said ...
he was obviously VERY sleepy so I asked him again and he said...
"hmmm... Well then" I said, what about just a snuggle?
His reply?
Yup! and he climbed into to my lap as fast as he could. .
My sweet beastie is tricky, he wanted the snuggle he just didn't want the ni-night.
that's okay I'll take it.
  • if you ask him where his nose is he gives you a blank starebut, if you ask him to were his honk is he will point right to it.

He Loves backpacks but can't really stand Dora. So the whole time he watches Dora he says,"NO My Pack Pack , No Dora! It's awesome!

  • Every week at church with out fail we drop him off at nursery, He starts to cry, we leave and then he falls asleep, pretty much instantly. The nursery workers love him. I can't decide if he does it because it's his defense mechanism or if it's just pay backs so he naps at church and then I don't have any down time after church while he naps...

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owona said...

He is too cute! I can't believe he's going to be two next did that happen? We just love Tierny o nierny! Thanks for sharing the funnies...they're adorable-keep them coming! Love ya!