Friday, May 7, 2010

Rimmasch Haus funnies day 1

As you all know I have been gone (from blogging) for a while and I thought I was back but I guess I wasn't so here I am popping in to share a few highlights in my life lately so you don't start having withdrawals.
Rieken 4 yrs:
singing his version of the Back Yard Again's scurvy pirate song at the top of his lungs...
wait for it...
~~~~~~ What do you do with a purvey pirate? ~~~~~~
Yeah I almost peed too:)
Saying thank you in Spanish
~~~~Grouchy ass~~~~
Telling me what kind of birthday party he wants
Him: Vanilla Me: Vanilla what do you mean vanilla?
Him: Uh I thought you went to college already...
During church about a month ago he was plucking out my hair one by one and he wouldn't stop!
Me: (all threatening mad and whispery)...Rieken I swear on all that's holy if you don't stop pulling my hair...
Him: shh you can't be mean in Jesus's house or you won't get invited back...
Man I love that kid!
Come back tommorrow for Rimmasch Haus funnies day 2 .


tharker said...

Oh my gosh, the purvey pirate question is HILARIOUS!

I love kids say posts!!!

owona said...

Gotta love the Rieken Man! He is Hilarious! I hope Oni and Bernard are still invited to his birthday even though they're not really on the Vanilla side of the spectrum! I can't believe his birthday is in a few did that happen? Your kids are all growing up so fast. I'm excited to see you all on Sunday! Love ya!