Thursday, August 26, 2010


Today- I woke up early and just laid in bed listening to Karl breath until I fell back to sleep.
Today- I talked to my neighbor for an hour about nothing important.
Today- I bought a new fridge
Today-I worked on our house in Burbank ...AGAIN. Yes we still have it.
Today- I decided to craigslist a bunch of stuff but not until next week
Today- Karl and I talked about Inception for at least 40 min.. It was so good.
Today- I was home for the first time all week to feed my kids dinner
Today-I had to hold Tiernen on the couch for a time out because he won't stay in it otherwise.
Today-Rieken gave me a wet kiss and told me I smelled good
Today-Kippi begged me to stay home to tuck her in which I didn't do because I had to go back out to the house in Burbank and work on it again.
Today-I wish I would have waited an hour to tuck her in
Today-I hardly saw Kelten at all
Today- I found a wad of Smokey's fur on the ground from one of the kids loving him a bit too hard
Today- I am a little grumpy from really bad spam comments
Today- is almost over and I am kind of glad
Today- is the 3rd to last day we will live in Pasco... At least for a while.


owona said...

Hi there...cute post. I know you've been super busy lately, but it was good to chat the other day and I'm glad you guys are almost done packing and moving. You and your fam should take a weekend and come visit us...we'd love to have you. It's fun to see what you're up to, so keep the posts coming! Love ya!

The Patriot Poster said...

If you're not going to live in Pasco anymore, does that mean you're going back to Burbank or somewhere else? Fill me in, young lady! How are other things going since we talked last?? How is the little bun? CMP

l.a.c. said...

remember me? your long lost vt partner??? i miss you! and now you are gone...what am i to do? perhaps visit the ladies i am assigned to visit? anyway - i want you to know that i have been away for several weeks but am back now - and your message was received. thank you for the updates :) !
miss you, laurie.