Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Halloween sn-EEK p-EEK 2010

Halloween is by far my most favorite Holiday. I love all the spooky* candy eating* costume wearing *bits and pieces of it. In fact when Karl and I got married I already had a huge box of stuff to decorate with. Each year I try to add a few little pieces; nothing to over the top or major spendy. Just something that will add a definite scream to the old collection. This year I found a few mega finds at the Dollar Tree and I re-vamped a few oldies I already had. So thought I would share :)

A pkg of mini skulls (d.t)
perfect to accent my old warped party light candle

A med sized black bird.(D.T)
sitting on my ten plus year old Pier One pumkins

Two mini skeletons I pulled apart for a jar of bones (d.t.)
Two freshly painted silver (used to be bisque) Jack-o-Lantern luminaries
that have seen many a year.

Nothing actually new here,but I took some old spice jars I had just about thrown away and filled em' with candy and Vwa- ha-ha-la just like that, a cute little treat for the eye and the tummy

So what about you? Are you decorating for the holidays yet?

Monday, September 27, 2010

The big D, Babies, and Mini me

Okay so we are going on week two of the flu. I felt so bad but last night we had to cancel Kelten's family birthday celebration because fevers chills and the big D (the bathroom one) just don't say party ya know? Well anyhow, today I totally sent all the big kids to school because they are at the tale end of it all and I had a DR.'s apt and Karl and T stayed home sick and nasty. I came home after sweating/shivering it out for hours at the office waiting for my O.B. feeling like death. My poor Dr. walked in took one look and said are you sick, have you had the flu shot how bout we do that and then you won’t even notice if you get it cause you already got it:) Oh so thoughtful. I kind of sneezed in his direction on purpose after that. On the upside, I had an ultrasound and it was great. No more placenta previa! Whoop Whoop. And the baby is looking great, still a boy which I'm not complaining about, just restating because I can't quite believe it. I really thought this was girl number two for us but another boy is just fine as well. Besides, I think if I got another girl as uniquely wonderful and special as Kippi I may just have to call it at five and that would be a shame because my OCD about odd numbered kids would drive me nuts for life, just saying. This way we can go for six with out the fear of a third "little angel" ya know. Oh that sounds like I don't like my Kippi but I do I adore her. In fact I love her and it takes every ounce of me not to love her to death some days. I think the main problem is that she is just like me. Seriously a Mini Me...And frankly as wonderful as that is, it’s a little hard to swallow. Well thats abo0ut all I have time to pout I mean post about. So, until next time may the germs avoid you all. - N

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I know she looks a little blah with no decor and up against my very neutral toned wall but I didn't want to dress her all up just to have to re-dress her this weekend when I whip out my Halloween decor. Lazy hmmm I prefer practical and time saving. So on to the details:)
Here she is full on and I didn't even notice until I uploaded all my pics that one of her handles was flipped funny sorry.
For this lovely Lady I decided to go with a more neutral pallet as she will be in my living room and I would rather accent with color then have to repaint all of my furniture when I decide I'm bored of my color choices.
First as you saw before she got a good sanding. I could have primed her but when it came down to it, I could prime her for around 15-20 bucks or sand her for and a little more muscle and time AND 3bucks (actually less since I still have several sheets of sand paper left for another project or five:)
It was a no brainer for me.

Next she got a coat of white. Now most people would use cream but I had white and frankly I love how it turned out. Then came the distressing, glazing and varnishing. Like I said before this is how you get your details and that's is where it's all at people. I gave her hardware a little face lift with some silver paint to match all my silver fixtures and lastly she got some felt strips on her feet to protect our new floors.

Ah I just love her don't you? seriously what do you think? I am dying to hear.
So here's the cost break down...
Dresser an awesome hand me down from my parents (from their original wedding set) =FREE
Sand paper BIG pack = 3.00
White paint left over from previous projects but originally 20.00= FREE
Glaze left over from previous projects originally 10.00 = FREE
Silver spray paint for hardware left over from previous project originally about 3.50= FREE
felt strips mega pack as we needed it for just about everything on the new floors =10.00
So total if I was getting everything just for this project =46.50
but since I didn't ... I paid= 13.00
(and that's with the whole price of the felt strips which I am using on tons of other furniture as well )
but even at 13 BUCKS you can't beat it!
Next up I have a treat... My free coffee table from this gal I refinished to match. Ooh La La It's was love at first sight so make sure you come back and see it for yourself.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Furniture project # 2

Please don't mind the mess in my pictures I decided that in order to be the most productive I could be I would do multiple projects at one time... Hows that working out for me you say? Uh can I get back to you on that one? Here are the before shots of my old bedroom dresser not the one I posted about below that is my "new" bedroom dresser but the one I used to have in my room that is currently loving it's new life in my living room. This is after a good sanding and all the hardware had been removed. Come back tomorrow for the after shots. I think you might be surprised, I was:)

Monday, September 20, 2010

It's official!

2010 Flu season has begun at the Rimmasch Haus.
First victim... Kelten
Things to curse... having only one bathroom and it being occupied when the vomiting starts
Things to be grateful for... Hardwood floors that clean up nice and quick
Things to curse… chunks in the washer
Things to be grateful for…Lysol
Things to curse… 1 down 5 to go
Things to be grateful for… cool weather that I can open the windows to and let the fresh air back into my little yellow house.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

From something old To something new...

I have been on a "project kick" lately. I recently acquired this 30 plus year old dresser from my SIL Eden. It had great lines and was in sturdy shape to begin with but it just wasn't my style with all its dark wood and bronze hardware not to mention it was showing it's age. I have to admit I am sick because I think I deleted my "before" pictures; who does that?! I can't find them anywhere but I decided to share the "after" shots anyhow because I know you can use your imaginations and because I can’t believe it turned out even more beautiful then I had anticipated. I love it when that happens. I sanded, primed and painted her then sanded the edges I wanted to leave raw to give it that old worn feel then I glazed her and finished her off with a clear coat of varnish and a few coats of silver for her hardware. It took me a week because of weather, life and unpacking but I got her done and I LOVE her! Please keep in mind I have a very limited space to take pics in so some of the angles are wonky but you can still see her in all her glory.

Without the mirror front view. Isn't she a beauty?
with the mirror from the side. I can't decide if I will keep it on becaue if I center it it will cover our window. It's growing on me off to the side though...

I painted all the hardware silver and I love the way it pops!

It's all in the Details... The sanded edges the glazing and the curves. Oh how I love it!

So tell me what do you think?

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


It's hard to believe you have already grown from this...

a sweet little
8 1/2 month old!

To this...
An intelligent, witty, and charming young man.
(Kelten 9-15-2010 11 years old!)
We are so proud of who you have grown into. Each day you bless us with your humor, smile, sensitivity, and thoughtfulness. We feel privileged to be part of your life. Happy Birthday bud!
Mom, Dad and the Beasties

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Babe

May The Force be With You Karl
Happy 36th

Friday, September 10, 2010

First day of school

Kelten and Kippi started school last week and they were both really excited to be going back to Burbank! They love the school and have such great friends here. Kippi's new favorite color is blue and she wanted all blue school supplies backpack and everything. Imagine my surprise when she walks out wearing all grey for her first day. Where was the cute blue dress she had laid out the night before? Apparently it was, “too much color" so I just sat back and let Kippi be Kippi. She has her own sense of style and I can't say it's awful so I guess it's no biggie :) Kelten was a little more willing to let me help but when it came to his jeans he wanted to wear the old ripped ones instead of the new ones he just got because they are already comfortable. So funny they are both becoming so opinionated /independent and I usually can’t find fault in their reasoning’s so what do ya do? So we (the whole family) walked them to school. Kippi was not happy she just wanted to go and not have Mom and Dad there. On the other hand, Kelten was pleased because he was a little nervous. In the end we got to walk Kippi who went all shy to her room and Kelten made a mad dash for his friends and took off before we new it went in with his class *sigh* Oh well they made it safe and sound and that’s what counts right?Kippi age 7 ** 1st day of 2nd grade 2010Kelten age 10 ** 1st day of 5th grade 2010Kelten and Kippi walking home on the 1st day of school 2010

Rieken started school on Wednesday of this week He has been chomping at the bit for a week! We found out on Friday before school started for everyone last week that he would be in all day kindergarten!!!I was thrilled and a little nervous but mostly just excited because that meant only on kid home until January when we add the next one. Rieken was very excited to get to walk to school and eat lunch at school and walk home with his big brother and sister. So it’s a win- win! We all went in to take him to his first day and met his teacher Mrs. W who he thinks is beautiful and smells soooo good. We walked him to the playground so he could play before the first bell and he came back and gave me a big hug and whispered I love you momma. That is when I lost it. I just couldn’t believe it! I have sent two kids off to Kinder before and I never cried but the damn broke and I was all puffy with tears streaming by the time we got to the front doors. Stinking embarrassing hormones right?
He had a great day it was long and he came home and conked out but other then that he LOVES it and so do I! All in all it was just what we both needed.
Rieken age 5 ** 1st day of Kindergarten 2010Rimmasch Beasties 2010
Rieken with his teacher Mrs. W Rimmasch beasties walking home together after Rieken's first day

Sunday, September 5, 2010


A few things have been in the works here at the Rimmaschaus...

First, we have finished (mostly) working on our house in Burbank and we decided to move back into it! So off we went the move was official about a week ago. The kids started school out there last week (post to come) and we love it.

Second, for those of you who didn't already know we (ME) have been working on growing baby number for about oh 5 months now. We are even more excited to actually share this news with every one because we had a lot of the same issues as last time and I was on bed rest for ages! So we didn't want to share until we had better news. I still have placenta previa but it looks better every visit. We are due in January and.... It's A BOY!!! Yeah I'm not sure how I feel about the thought of 4 boys and 1 girl but, we feel like we still have at least one more baby in us so maybe we will have another girl who knows. Right now we are just happy to add another beastie to our chaos.

Well that’s all for now but I will post the details of the first day of school and all that later this week. Be sure to check back for it because this year we have a new Kider and he starts on Wednesday for FULL TIME ALL DAY kinder!! Can I hear a Whoop Whoop! So...

Until next time, Niki