Monday, September 27, 2010

The big D, Babies, and Mini me

Okay so we are going on week two of the flu. I felt so bad but last night we had to cancel Kelten's family birthday celebration because fevers chills and the big D (the bathroom one) just don't say party ya know? Well anyhow, today I totally sent all the big kids to school because they are at the tale end of it all and I had a DR.'s apt and Karl and T stayed home sick and nasty. I came home after sweating/shivering it out for hours at the office waiting for my O.B. feeling like death. My poor Dr. walked in took one look and said are you sick, have you had the flu shot how bout we do that and then you won’t even notice if you get it cause you already got it:) Oh so thoughtful. I kind of sneezed in his direction on purpose after that. On the upside, I had an ultrasound and it was great. No more placenta previa! Whoop Whoop. And the baby is looking great, still a boy which I'm not complaining about, just restating because I can't quite believe it. I really thought this was girl number two for us but another boy is just fine as well. Besides, I think if I got another girl as uniquely wonderful and special as Kippi I may just have to call it at five and that would be a shame because my OCD about odd numbered kids would drive me nuts for life, just saying. This way we can go for six with out the fear of a third "little angel" ya know. Oh that sounds like I don't like my Kippi but I do I adore her. In fact I love her and it takes every ounce of me not to love her to death some days. I think the main problem is that she is just like me. Seriously a Mini Me...And frankly as wonderful as that is, it’s a little hard to swallow. Well thats abo0ut all I have time to pout I mean post about. So, until next time may the germs avoid you all. - N

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lindsay>boo said...

Oh goodness! I hope you guys start feeling better soon!