Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I know she looks a little blah with no decor and up against my very neutral toned wall but I didn't want to dress her all up just to have to re-dress her this weekend when I whip out my Halloween decor. Lazy hmmm I prefer practical and time saving. So on to the details:)
Here she is full on and I didn't even notice until I uploaded all my pics that one of her handles was flipped funny sorry.
For this lovely Lady I decided to go with a more neutral pallet as she will be in my living room and I would rather accent with color then have to repaint all of my furniture when I decide I'm bored of my color choices.
First as you saw before she got a good sanding. I could have primed her but when it came down to it, I could prime her for around 15-20 bucks or sand her for and a little more muscle and time AND 3bucks (actually less since I still have several sheets of sand paper left for another project or five:)
It was a no brainer for me.

Next she got a coat of white. Now most people would use cream but I had white and frankly I love how it turned out. Then came the distressing, glazing and varnishing. Like I said before this is how you get your details and that's is where it's all at people. I gave her hardware a little face lift with some silver paint to match all my silver fixtures and lastly she got some felt strips on her feet to protect our new floors.

Ah I just love her don't you? seriously what do you think? I am dying to hear.
So here's the cost break down...
Dresser an awesome hand me down from my parents (from their original wedding set) =FREE
Sand paper BIG pack = 3.00
White paint left over from previous projects but originally 20.00= FREE
Glaze left over from previous projects originally 10.00 = FREE
Silver spray paint for hardware left over from previous project originally about 3.50= FREE
felt strips mega pack as we needed it for just about everything on the new floors =10.00
So total if I was getting everything just for this project =46.50
but since I didn't ... I paid= 13.00
(and that's with the whole price of the felt strips which I am using on tons of other furniture as well )
but even at 13 BUCKS you can't beat it!
Next up I have a treat... My free coffee table from this gal I refinished to match. Ooh La La It's was love at first sight so make sure you come back and see it for yourself.


John & Becky Lyn and Family said...

I think it looks great Niki, lots of hard work though. Great job!

Brenda said...

this one turned out great! so I cant wait to see my old table.