Friday, September 10, 2010

First day of school

Kelten and Kippi started school last week and they were both really excited to be going back to Burbank! They love the school and have such great friends here. Kippi's new favorite color is blue and she wanted all blue school supplies backpack and everything. Imagine my surprise when she walks out wearing all grey for her first day. Where was the cute blue dress she had laid out the night before? Apparently it was, “too much color" so I just sat back and let Kippi be Kippi. She has her own sense of style and I can't say it's awful so I guess it's no biggie :) Kelten was a little more willing to let me help but when it came to his jeans he wanted to wear the old ripped ones instead of the new ones he just got because they are already comfortable. So funny they are both becoming so opinionated /independent and I usually can’t find fault in their reasoning’s so what do ya do? So we (the whole family) walked them to school. Kippi was not happy she just wanted to go and not have Mom and Dad there. On the other hand, Kelten was pleased because he was a little nervous. In the end we got to walk Kippi who went all shy to her room and Kelten made a mad dash for his friends and took off before we new it went in with his class *sigh* Oh well they made it safe and sound and that’s what counts right?Kippi age 7 ** 1st day of 2nd grade 2010Kelten age 10 ** 1st day of 5th grade 2010Kelten and Kippi walking home on the 1st day of school 2010

Rieken started school on Wednesday of this week He has been chomping at the bit for a week! We found out on Friday before school started for everyone last week that he would be in all day kindergarten!!!I was thrilled and a little nervous but mostly just excited because that meant only on kid home until January when we add the next one. Rieken was very excited to get to walk to school and eat lunch at school and walk home with his big brother and sister. So it’s a win- win! We all went in to take him to his first day and met his teacher Mrs. W who he thinks is beautiful and smells soooo good. We walked him to the playground so he could play before the first bell and he came back and gave me a big hug and whispered I love you momma. That is when I lost it. I just couldn’t believe it! I have sent two kids off to Kinder before and I never cried but the damn broke and I was all puffy with tears streaming by the time we got to the front doors. Stinking embarrassing hormones right?
He had a great day it was long and he came home and conked out but other then that he LOVES it and so do I! All in all it was just what we both needed.
Rieken age 5 ** 1st day of Kindergarten 2010Rimmasch Beasties 2010
Rieken with his teacher Mrs. W Rimmasch beasties walking home together after Rieken's first day


owona said...

So awesome...I'm so glad they're all doing so well! I totally cried when I read about Rieken, eventhough you had already told about it (ditto on the hormones)! It sounds like you are all settling in, and we're so happy for you! Now it's time for a littleore of an update on Tiernen and baby #5!! Love ya!!

owona said...

PS...LOVE all the updated/first day of school pics!!