Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Halloween sn-EEK p-EEK 2010

Halloween is by far my most favorite Holiday. I love all the spooky* candy eating* costume wearing *bits and pieces of it. In fact when Karl and I got married I already had a huge box of stuff to decorate with. Each year I try to add a few little pieces; nothing to over the top or major spendy. Just something that will add a definite scream to the old collection. This year I found a few mega finds at the Dollar Tree and I re-vamped a few oldies I already had. So thought I would share :)

A pkg of mini skulls (d.t)
perfect to accent my old warped party light candle

A med sized black bird.(D.T)
sitting on my ten plus year old Pier One pumkins

Two mini skeletons I pulled apart for a jar of bones (d.t.)
Two freshly painted silver (used to be bisque) Jack-o-Lantern luminaries
that have seen many a year.

Nothing actually new here,but I took some old spice jars I had just about thrown away and filled em' with candy and Vwa- ha-ha-la just like that, a cute little treat for the eye and the tummy

So what about you? Are you decorating for the holidays yet?

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owona said...

Soooo cute...you're so creative! I love all your decorations - you always do such a good job "dressing" things up for the Holidays. I can't wait to see what you do for Christmas! I doubt I'll decorate for Halloween, but am definitely hoping to do some for Christmas - or I might just live vicariously through you! Love ya!