Friday, October 1, 2010

First day of October 2010

~~This is what the first day of October looked like at our house~~
Snuggled up on the couch
chillin in our jammies watching Cars.
October you are welcome anytime!


owona said...

Classic Rimmasch Beastie Pose...gotta love those relaxing days. Tiernen is getting too big, too fast! We love you guys!!

Lyssa said...

of course I remember you! I still owe you $4! So we should get together just so I can give you that!
I loved how your dresser turned out too! I am at a standstill with mine. I am so indecisive about what color to use. I guess i'm trying to figure out "my" style so I want it to be perfect! But I am thinking I will do an antique white, something safe, right?
So i'm glad to hear the move went well and you are settling in. I bet it's nice to have your house again!
So yes, definitely, we should get something planned. Here's my #: 210-544-9113.
So glad you commented! I still had your blog address in my wallet...waiting to be found....