Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Over heard from
I think momma's sick cause she keeps drinking that dr. pepper so the Dr. must of gived it to her.

mom did you put on Ass cara? your eye lashers look all fat and black.

Tiernen you better brush and floss all your teeth or your gonna have grandpa Bang teeth. (None)

Today I’m tiered because I was so cold I got goose bumps so big I couldn't sleep on them.

Tiernen I'm saying the pledge of allegiance your supposed to shut your trap and cross your heart.

(huge sigh) I think I need a popsicle, it’s been one of those days.

Over heard from

Here go mom.. It's a booogrrr , Iss wet. Welcome. Say thanks mom say thanks.

I was in the kitchen and I heard Tiernen taking inventory of all His things and shoving them into his backpack
Thas my packpack.. Thas my car.. thas my keys... Thas my nother car.. Thas my mokey (the cat smokey)Hey mokey quish up and get in my pack pack. Muaam, Mokey won't listen.

(Talking to my belly) Hey baby! Baby? Nope iss not home.

Me: "Tiernen do you need to go poo?"
Tiernen: "No I just parted (farted) an it was nassy.. Ooh stinky nassy"


owona said...

HahahHa!! Your kids are too funny...the say some hilarious stuff! Oni keeps asking for Nunu and Tiernen...we're missing you! Love ya!

Lyssa said...

haa ha that's classic! So good that you documented that so that you can embarrass him later on in life!