Monday, October 18, 2010

Rimmasch tid bits***

Rieken has been on a roll lately with his little self. Here are some of his finer moments.

"Mom are you grumpy like this all the time or just when you have a baby in your belly cause I can't remember."

"knock knock"

(me who's there)

" Rieken"

(Rieken who)

"Mom it's me Rieken with the orange hair and big muscles can't you even remember anything!?"

"I think for dinner dad should cook cause you need a break."

(oh thanks buddy)

"yeah you look tiered like a great gramma so you should go to bed"

last week we got up a little late one morning and it was rush rush to get everyone out the door and just as they were walking out Rieken turned around and ran back to me and said,
"you didn't even snuggle me this morning how am I gonna be brave?"
(sniff sniff)

Rieken is*** stubborn+ honest and he loves with every ounce in his little orange headed well muscled body and to me that's Perfect.

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owona said...

He cracks me up. That kid (and all your kids) has always had and always will have a special place in my heart. He is just A-MAZING! Love you guys!