Monday, October 11, 2010

**Weekend Rundown**Long post***

This weekend seemed just about as close to perfect as I could have asked for...
Friday was our 12th Anniversary so we took the kids to Yokes and picked up some yummy dinner fixings and rented a red box. We came home and Karl and the kids made dinner while I folded like 6 loads of laundry (hey it's my party I'll fold if I want to:) then we had a FABULOUS dinner of Rib eye steak, sea scallops, HUGE shrimp and baked potatoes with the works of course. Oh and it wouldn't be a true celebration if we didn't have a cheese course and Yokes has such a great selection of stinky cheeses so each of the kids picked one and we had olives from the olive bar. *** heavenly***. I wish i had thought to take a picture it would make your mouth water but I didn't think about it... In fact all I could think about was the food. Hm wonder why:) I have to say I was killer good and so rich** but sooo worth every bite.
I think now would be a great time to mention how much I I love having a husband who can cook like nothing else. We get exactly what we want and the whole family can eat "out" for a fraction of the cost not to mention we don't have to dress up if we don't want to,the kids can be themselves, and we don't have to wait for a table bonus!
After dinner we popped in our movies Karl and I on the couch and the kids in their room and we had pumpkin pie after wards for dessert. It was one of our best Anniversary dates yet. Low key fun and just us as a family.
Saturday brought the rain and tons of it. We stayed in and did Saturday chores then headed to town for errands.TONS OF THEM! The highlight was the kids all got to pick a pumpkin:)
I forgot what a big deal running to the store is when you live and extra 15 min outside of town. We are a one car family right now so we have to really schedule our town time carefully not to mention the whole gas issue. The first week we were back out here we were running in and out three or more times a day and it took us a week and a HUGE chunk of our monthly fuel budget to remember we can't do that anymore:( It has been really hard for me to adjust. I am am used to running to Walmart or the red box to pick up any little thing on a whim but when you drive a gas guzzler ( that I love by the way, well the rig not the guzzling) and you live way out yonder, that's just not really a good idea. So,after our big several hour long errand running expedition we were all beat. We decided to hang it at home once again and watch a movie. We had picked up The new Karate Kid from a Red Box and it was great. The kids loved it. I think I might try to find the originals for them I think they would love them.
Sunday was our first week back to our Old/New...New/Old ward here in Burbank. Our ward in Pasco had asked us if we would mind teaching our class until they found a replacement so we just got released the Sunday before Conference. I have to say for a ward that felt like it never changed a lot of things have changed in the last year. So many new faces and quiet a few of the old ones gone. We also have the building to ourselves again for how long I don't know but for now it makes it nice on the after church crush. It was nice for the kids to walk into Primary and have a built in friend base from school and from before. So many people came up to us and said "Hi" and wanted to chat. I had friends to sit by during relief Society hey I got to go to R.S. I haven't done that in ages because of our primary calling:) It was nice to know they were excited to have us back and it made the whole experience/transition smooth and comfortable. I think going back to the ward here has made our move feel official and real (I can't believe it took so long!). This Friday is a big ward activity and the kids are really looking forward to going so hopefully we can work out the car schedule so I can take them. I think that will be great. One thing I will say about the Burbank ward is they have always made an effort to have great ward activities and they are fun. Anyhow, after church it was still raining and Karl had to go off to work so the kids and I had a cozy afternoon of games and books then we ate a nummy early dinner got all ready for bed and for Monday then we snuggled up on the hide-a-bed and watched two Harry Potter movies. Oh yeah that was like 5 hours of Harry Potter. I had tons of homework so I only watched parts of both but they all sat and watched and ate popcorn for hours. I couldn't have asked for a more perfect way to spend a rainy gloomy weekend then the way we did it.
Movies, food and family time.. You just can't beat it.


John & Becky Lyn and Family said...

I think your night sounded great....wish we got to eat over for dinner one night, it sounds fabulous!

owona said...

Ah, man! I can't believe I forgot your Anniversary! I'm sorry...but, I'm glad you had a wonderful time! It sounds fantastic...the food (well, except the sea food, yuck!), the movies, and especially just hanging out. I agree, that sounds like an awesome night!
It's so good to hear that going back to your ward was a good experience. Change is always hard, so yay for getting through it and for it actually being wonderful for you and the kids! Hope you make it to the activity...sounds fun! Are you guys trunk-or-treating this year?
Oh, and the Harry Potter marathon sounds super fun...wish we were there, too, but I'm glad you got to enjoy your kiddos and they got to enjoy snuggling and hanging out together. Doesn't get much better than that! Love ya!

Rosie said...

You folded clothes on your anniversary? You are a way better wife and mother then me. Send me some of your "sweetness" because mine ran away a long time ago!