Thursday, October 14, 2010

Weekend to DO..**

This weekend we have TONS to get done. The kids have no school Friday so we have a whole extra day to accomplish it all. Here is our list.. I'm hoping this will keep me accountable.
*Pull weeds (we have loads)
*Mow the lawn
*CLEAN & I mean really clean the bedrooms
*Clean out the Rig in for sure out if we have time
*At least 6 loads of laundry with all the bedding from the rooms YUCK
* Make homemade dinner rolls YUM
*Go to our ward activity***movie night! Take above mentioned rolls
*Decorate for, bake for and get ready for **Kelten's mystery Halloween birthday party (finally)
*Take down a set of bunk beds to sell on craigslist (anyone interested?)
*Clean sectional sofa to post on Craigslist (my big red one **anyone?)
Maybe possibly go to Wenatchee to see my Grandpa... We may hold off until next weekend so we can have all weekend and not just a day trip.
**That is about it**
It's going to be busy, It's going to be fun and that's the way we like it round here.

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owona said...

Sounds busy...AND fun!! How was the ward party? Love ya!