Thursday, October 21, 2010

who is who???

I have been thinking about this new little baby that we will be bringing home in a few months. I have been wondering what he will look like. Will he have red, orange, black, brown, or blonde hair? Will he look like me? I doubt it:) I think anyone looking at our kids now could tell them apart mostly because of age difference but their hair is a dead give-a-way too:) But looking back at their pictures of when they were all babies I can see that we always use the same "mold".

You know, the one baby mold we like to use in this house. The one with the round head and big cheeks. Oh yeah we like tht one:) Will this baby break the mold or will he be another clone to add to the troops?

So here is the question of the day... can you tell who is who?

Oh wait that's not our biological baby so his "mold" is a little different but still cute eh'


owona said...

Ok, my guess is (from the top): Tiernen, Kippi, Rieken, and then Kelten! Man, I'm going to feel bad if I got that wrong! You're right,'s almost like you had a set of quads or something-they all look so similar! Even Tiernen's dark hair wasn't really a give-away! I can't wait to see what your next one looks like...he'll surely be gorgeous! It's going to be fun to see what his personality is like, too! Come on out and meet us already, little one!!

Rosie said...

ROFL to the cat picture!:)

Have you thought of any names? I bet your kiddos are excited. My kids keep asking me if I can have another one. I tell them no way!:)

The Patriot Poster said...

Tiernen, Kippi, Rieken and Kelten--I can totally tell and the only one I was actually around during their true babyhood was Kippi. They definitely look similar but I can tell. I study it though--it's my hobby, I guess. I try to see it in my kids and now my nieces and nephews. :) I can't wait to see #5. I'm going to throw names out there for ya... Umm... Vohnkar or Feandan. Oh yah, that threw you for a loop coming from me huh!! Love ya! CMP