Monday, November 22, 2010

spur of the moment

The other night I came across a deal for free holiday cards. I got on the site to check it out ended up finding one I liked and then realized I had no recent pictures of the kids... So what was I to do, not get the cards, get them w/o a picture or hurry and go take a few?....You know me I am the Queen of spur of the moment decisions:) I only had about 30 min before dark and I wanted to take them outside so I hurried and dressed the kids in semi coordinating outfits with what they had in their closets and we ran (literally Karl had the car) down to the school to get some shots on the toys. My kids work best when at play. It was cold and it was dinnertime but they id great! We got a couple (2) good shots before the dark really hit us and my camera has a horrible problem with night shots because of shadows (see my big head shadow oh yeah nice). Well to be fair it could just be me who doesn't know how to work it in the dark. Any how, here are some shots we took. They had fun playing and I had fun snapping away. The grayscale shot is actually the first shot I took. The camera was on night shot and I didn't realize it. I know I'm no pro but guess what? This whole thing cost me zero dollars people and it made for a fun
mid-week activity that my kids will be talking about for months, plus I got to put pictures of my beasts on my free holiday cars yippee!

Holiday Cards for FREE!

Shutterfly is offering a deal for 50 free Holiday cards for bloggers who write about it (taxes, and shipping and handling will still be charged). Their site offers many great services, such as, a Premium Video Plan, and products like photo books calendars and cards. I’ve been browsing their site and I have my eye on a few cute things for gifts this year. I can't wait to send them to our family and friends! I especially like having the option of using photos! It will be the perfect way to share our updated photos of the beasts with our loved ones' for the Holidays. I've never ordered from Shutterfly before, but have many friends and family members who have, and all have loved the products and services. I've been told the quality is excellent and the service is speedy! I think their new Holiday collection offers so many fun and beautiful options - it's too good to pass up! If you're interested in the promotion, check it out here! Fill out the form, write about it on your blog, and then you'll receive your codes through email in 3-5 business days. Happy shopping!

P.S. To check out the Shutterfly Holiday Card collection, click here!

check this out!

A sweet give a way is happening over here. Go check it out.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Halloween 2010 bout stinking time!

So this year Halloween was pretty great.
Kelten wanted to make his own costume which when you see the pics you will LOVE. he was supposed to be a pirate. (cough cough ) but the Handy Man and I think he looked more like a female medicine man from the 70's. He loved it and wore it proudly and that was what counts. We had a great time laughing at him all night too :)

Kippi was a wizard, Rieken was Iron man 2 (don't even think of forgetting the 2) and Tiernen was a lion just like his brothers before him.

We had a great weekend carving pumpkins, making treats for the neighbors and passing out candy for the fist time ever since they didn't go Trick or Treating on Sunday.

All in all it was great and I was SOOO happy to call it a done deal by the end of the night.

P.S. We still have candy left YIKES!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

***Keeping my head above water***

Lately I have been so wrapped up in school, bills, cleaning, house projects and EVERYTHING that I am having a hard time being present in the moment for my family. I noticed a few weeks ago my temper has been shorter my voice has been louder and my outlook a lot gloomier. But no matter what I couldn't seem to flip the switch. I was starting to go all, "life sucks" on myself until after a particularly silly- unnecessary row with the handy man in front of the kids (not our best moment) he left with beastie # 4 to right the wrong I had so thoughtlessly laid at his feet and I went in to put the kids to bed myself. When I walked in they were all snuggled up on one bed listening to Kippi read her latest baggie book. They were comforting each other and It dawned on me that's my job... I just kinda stood there and listened in awe and realized no matter what seems to be going wrong in my life I have four beautiful healthy beasts whom I have been given the sacred responsibility to love and nurture and shelter and be there for. It occurred to me I was focusing on all of the preconceived crap life was dishing me and not enough of the real treasures I had right now in this moment.That night I spent extra time reading our bedtime books even though it meant the kids lost some sleep, I apologized for fighting with daddy over something so silly and asked for their forgiveness which they gave unequivocally and with out judgement. I tucked each on in and whispered something to each about why they were special and how grateful I was for something they had done that day. As I shut the door for the first time in many many nights I felt good and clear and sort of happy. My kids went to bed without a single complaint and with smiles as they snuggled into their cozy beds none the worse for wear. Later after a long talk with the Handy Man and some apologies around the table we snuggled up for a late night movie and just enjoyed time together. We shut off the phones, popped some popcorn and we didn't worry about the undone dishes or swapping the laundry. It was Kinda heavenly. As we went to bed that night I thought back over the last few weeks and I had to acknowledge to myself I was sinking. I do that, I sink every now and then especially when I'm pregnant. Life overwhelms me and I get snippy and I quit functioning. This time instead of sinking so far under I was able to to SEE that I need to be there. I need to be present, I need to function for myself and my family, I need to Love and be loved. I'm not going to rosy it up and say that since that night all had been peachy Keen but it's amazing how quickly a frown can turn upside down when I stay calm and use kind words and don't make assumptions. (things most people learn in 3rd grade!) It's amazing how helpful my kids want to be when I praise them often instead of snapping about the things that didn't get done. It's amazing how nice married life can be when My husband has clean laundry and the house is at least sort of clean when he comes home or when I truly listen to him and let him talk instead of dumping all my issues on him every time. It's amazing how I can stay afloat just by by being present in the moment instead of dwelling on everything that has passed and everything to come. So, although my head is above water my goal for right now,this moment is to keep it that way by being here in the now. It's may not seem like much but it's working and that's enough for me RIGHT NOW.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Happy Turkey Month

************Gobble Gobble************
Rieken checking out the turkey Or maybe the Turkey checking out Rieken...
Thanksgiving in Utah 2007
I know I haven't posted about our Halloween yet but I will:)
You know me, not one to do things in order that's for sure.
So in the mean time I just wanted to say how much I love November.
The month of the Turkey or at least that's what the beasties think.
This is the month I get to...
* start listening to Christmas music
*Put up Christmas lights on the house
*take pics of our family for our wall
*Go to Portland to visit friends and attend an amazing conference
*go shopping EARLY on black Friday
*Have a turkey dinner and hang out for a full day with my family playing games and chillin.
Yup we love Turkey month around here.