Thursday, November 4, 2010

Happy Turkey Month

************Gobble Gobble************
Rieken checking out the turkey Or maybe the Turkey checking out Rieken...
Thanksgiving in Utah 2007
I know I haven't posted about our Halloween yet but I will:)
You know me, not one to do things in order that's for sure.
So in the mean time I just wanted to say how much I love November.
The month of the Turkey or at least that's what the beasties think.
This is the month I get to...
* start listening to Christmas music
*Put up Christmas lights on the house
*take pics of our family for our wall
*Go to Portland to visit friends and attend an amazing conference
*go shopping EARLY on black Friday
*Have a turkey dinner and hang out for a full day with my family playing games and chillin.
Yup we love Turkey month around here.

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owona said...

Yay! We love Turkey Month around here, too! It's the first taste of the Holiday Season, the birthdays of Oni and Bernard, the food, the colors changing, the weather...I don't know...everything about it is so magical! Hope you enjoy your Turkey Month...can't wait to see you all in a few days!