Monday, November 22, 2010

spur of the moment

The other night I came across a deal for free holiday cards. I got on the site to check it out ended up finding one I liked and then realized I had no recent pictures of the kids... So what was I to do, not get the cards, get them w/o a picture or hurry and go take a few?....You know me I am the Queen of spur of the moment decisions:) I only had about 30 min before dark and I wanted to take them outside so I hurried and dressed the kids in semi coordinating outfits with what they had in their closets and we ran (literally Karl had the car) down to the school to get some shots on the toys. My kids work best when at play. It was cold and it was dinnertime but they id great! We got a couple (2) good shots before the dark really hit us and my camera has a horrible problem with night shots because of shadows (see my big head shadow oh yeah nice). Well to be fair it could just be me who doesn't know how to work it in the dark. Any how, here are some shots we took. They had fun playing and I had fun snapping away. The grayscale shot is actually the first shot I took. The camera was on night shot and I didn't realize it. I know I'm no pro but guess what? This whole thing cost me zero dollars people and it made for a fun
mid-week activity that my kids will be talking about for months, plus I got to put pictures of my beasts on my free holiday cars yippee!

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owona said...

Love the pics...can't wait to see the cards! Wish I was as spontaneous as you!! Your kids are so stinkin' cute...we just love them! Glad you had a good time!