Thursday, December 2, 2010

Crafty Clique Thankful Thurdsdy!

This week I am thankful for TIME!

+I'm thankful for the Time I had with my Grandpa before he passed away on Tuesday

+I am thankful for the Time I got to spend with my Family for my Birthday on Wednesday

+I am thankful I have Time to get a few more things done before this new baby gets here

+I am thankful it only takes a little Time to make a cup of cocoa in the Microwave

+ I am thankful there is only a little Time left and finals will be over

+ I am thankful for the Time I get to spend each day with my kids

+ I am thankful for the Time I get each day without my kids ;)

+ I am thankful I am a night own so I can spend Time with my Husband after he gets home

+ I am thankful I have more Time to get ready for Christmas
+I am thankful for the Time I live in and a Heavenly Father Who gives me Time to learn and grow


Lyssa said...

I love this post! Time is really precious when we use it correctly ;)
thanks for linking up to the Linky Party!

owona said...

Seems like time is going faster and faster every day, so I really enjoyed this post - great reminder to be thankful for the time we DO have! Love ya!