Monday, December 12, 2011

This makes my head hurt!

Bey showing off one of his talents...Stealing his brothers snacks

I have five kids and each of them has a unique personality and set of talents. Some of them are super smart some are very musically talented, some are fashion savvy and others are very athletic as for personality we have anywhere from drama queen to mamma's boy in there. I always find it so fascinating that Karl and I are raising each one practically the same and yet they are so different. Here is Rieken doing his latest thing - Head spins. He has also been running and climbing the walls, literally; I think he would be great at parkour. He reminds me of the videos I have seen on it (Google it). He gallops through the house and climbs anything he can and if he isn't climbing he is jumping running spinning --- and I swear he only works in med-hi gear no slow motion or even regular for this kid. Anyhow, I hope you enjoy the video oh and aren't my boy's bunk beds great?! My dad and the Handy man built them. We have a super limited amount of space so we built the bottom bunk straight on the floor and they are shorter and more narrow than a regular twin bunk. I need to paint them but I haven't yet... Oh well they work just fine unpainted and they are sturdy enough to withstand my 5 rambunctious beasties.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Rimmaschaus Christmas count down
Idea from Dandee a few years ago and we love it!
it is so fun to watch Tiernen discover all
of the ornaments
He is mesmerized

Nutcrackers galore
sparkly trees

An insanely beautiful cross stitch made just for us
By Aunt Kat

a few pine cones,a handful of colorful tinsel and a couple of glass floats and
 Christmas spirit in a basket

Our hand carved Santa made for us by
 our SUPER talented cousin Arlene
He hides in a new spot each year
baubles and beads
Vintage Santa box + vintage books = perfection


No sew stockings thank you very much
Bey's isn't done yet so it isn't up but it will be by the end of the week!

Bedryn playing with the Nativity Oma made for the beasties.
I Love the fact that my kids have a nativity they can play with.
It literally puts the "reason for the season"
in the palm of their hands

Saturday, May 28, 2011

***Today ***

Today I...

* slept in REALLY late

* went to the library and only checked out books for Beastie #1

* took Beastie #4 for a Happy Meal

* Went and visited my DAD
* Rented 3-- non animated movies and watched two... by myself...
(saving #3 to watch w/ the Handy man)

*spent some really quality one on one with Besties 4 &5

*Ate a salad for dinner and Doritos for dessert... It was all sorts of right

* didn't have to break up ANY fighting or dish out any extra chores...

* spoke with my Mom, sisters and a couple of friends all mostly uninterupted

* realized I really did have it good when I only had two kids...

* thought about my three oldest Beasties ALL DAY because they are gone camping all weekend.

* Decided although life is much quieter with only two I'm blessed and greatful to have five.

* wished with all my heart I had a for real dishwasher not just lefty and righty cause my kitchen looked like this...AWESOME! Um some of those are clean I just hate puting away as much as washing...

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Life at the little yellow house

Life at the Rimmasch Haus has been crazy lately. We have had so many things going on time just seems to be zooming on without me. I have really done a crap job of keeping up on the ol' blog but I thought I'd give you a peek of what a typical day can look like right now.

After the daily morning rush the house looks like a bomb hit it. What you don't have toys strewn about and random boxes of cereal left out? Oh and lets not forget the stray wadded up Kleenex on the floor or the fact that the kids left a huge mound of blankets on the couch and the wii stuff out and I think I see some jammies on the floor. The only excuse I have is that my kids are EARLY risers and I am NOT. So they get up at five am and get ready for school and eat and then they play wii or read or watch a movie before they have to leave at 7:25 am. So by the time I crawl out of bed at 6 something and prop my eyelids open the hurricane has hit, damage has been done and guess what I'm not complaining cause I got to sleep an extra hour!


and and that may or may not get cleaned up before the lunch.
after the big kids leave Bey likes to hang in his Bumbo and suck on his fingers and smile and just be a good boy cause lets face it I am still on the couch "resting my eyes..."

after a while he gets tuckered out and falls asleep. What a good boy!almost every day we have some type of kid related thing. this is Kippi saying her lines (very well I might add) at the China play for her school
Then after school we have chores and homework.
By the time evening hits we just drop where we land...I spy with my little eye little feet do you?And yes this is the "Master" .

we are talking small space here guys

here is a close up of those feet I was spying:)

at least Bey made it to a bed, not his bed but a bed. Then on the weekends we have cousins over and we party like rock stars and stay up late and the kids make their own breakfast
(OK they do that every day but you get the gist)
Oh and here is a super cute shot of my Rieken boy just because
So now you have seen what a typical day might look like around here. What does it look like at your house?

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

down sizing

One day recently Karl and I realized we could feed a small village on the money we were spending to feed our Expedition.

(we affectionately refer to Him as the Rig)

So we crunched some numbers and decided to downsize.

This was not an easy decision because we loved that Rig.

It fit us all with room for one more which is good because we would like to have another baby

(not yet sheesh!)

and he was paid off = nice.

But, it was the right thing to do for us right now...

We told the kids and they were all excited with the exception of Rieken.

Rieken cried off and on for two days.

He loved that Rig.

Here he is the day we traded in the Rig.

sad sad sad I tell ya. Here is our new to us Van

She is smaller not as fully loaded and she only seats 7 so we are full when we are all in.

But, she gets WAY better gas mileage, she is newer, she has WAY fewer miles She makes it a lot easier for us to load and unload the beasties and, she has stow and go!

We let the kids get in and try it all out (see Tiernen "driving her) and we gave Rieken the huge responsibility of naming her.

Wow looking at this pic I realized we hadn't even owner her for ten min. and she was already loaded up with a ton of our crap!

Oh well such is life with five kids:) Tiernen, Kippi Kelten & Bédryn love her

Mommy and Daddy love her
Even Rieken loves her.
In fact he loves her so much that after about a week he announced he was naming her Mini Rig because he loves her as much as he Loved the big Rig and he still misses him.

Monday, April 18, 2011

A Baptisim and A Blessing

Oma, Opa and Aunt Mar came up from Wyoming to support Kippi at her Baptisim and Bédryn at his blessing.
Opa Dennis and Karl Bédryn wearing his blessing outfit that Oma made out of fabric that Kat brought home from China. It is the same outfit Rieken and Tiernen were blessed in too. No worries he was a perfect angle during the blessing and all through sacrament but by the time we got home and wanted to take pictures he was good and hungry can you tell?
Daddy and Bédryn

Blessing day
April 10,2011
Karl, the kids, Mar, Opa and Oma
Kippi and her Daddy the day of her Baptisim

April 9, 2011

  • Aunt Toot played the music

  • Mar was the chorister

  • Grammy Lanai and and Uncle Kim gave the talks

  • Opa and Uncle Ryan witnessed
    Oma and Mar took turns on baby duty
Loads of family and friends and even a few ward members turned out for her on her special day. I didn't get everyone's pictures but here are a few. Cousin Catherine and her friend Miranda
Owona family
Aunt Kristy and Enri
Great Grandpa and Great GrandmaKippi and her Dad just before the Baptism Kippi's post dunk hair. Kippi showing off her shrug that Oma whipped up for her on the drive from Wyoming. The women is amazingly talented!

And of course after everything we held a littel party with cake and ice cream. She also recieved some pretty awesome gifts. Grammy Lanai got her a quad with her name on it, Aunt Toot got her a braclet and Karl and I got her a pearl braclet and a CTR ring which she promtly lost at school on Monday.

It was such a wonderful and special weekend and a long time in coming. Kippi turned eight in December but she really wanted her Oma and Opa and Aunt Mar to be there so she chose to wait until Wyoming's weather would be a little better.

And they came and we couldn't thank them enough

We feel so blessed to have a dughter who loves her Heavenly Father and his Gospel and chose to become a member of the our church by being baptized. We are also so thankful to have the privlage to have Bédryn
as a member of our family and for the oppurtinity to hear Karl as he blessed him. It was beautiful.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Bédryn 7 weeks

I am a bit behind but here are Bédryn's 7 week shots. I will try to post a ton of pics on our FB page but until then these will have to do:) I do have other kids and I do take their pictures too but latley they have all been puking so...

TIERNEN watching movies in my bed while he was sick.

KIPPI in bed with her new best freind the puke bowl

She pretty much hung out there for 9 days!

Bédryn sleeping in his crib

Bey playing with his toy

Bey and Daddy
old man smile
Looking at the Angels
Bey and his cousin Enri
they are only one week apart to the day but Enri out weighs him
by at least 2lbs.!

Bey in his Bumbo

He loves that thing!