Monday, February 28, 2011

Holy Guts batman

So, I thought I would update you all on my hole-y gut. Bey is six weeks and my gut is still open. Yup as in a big hole in my gut where a nice new shiny scar should be.The actual hole itself is not huge about the size of an egg but underneath is a pretty good sized pocket that is open and a big problem
This is my fourth C-section and I have never had this happen before and to be honest it's discouraging. I go in weekly to the Wound Care Clinic and my doc measures and debris my wound (think micro cheese grater removing dead flesh. yum) This usually takes an hour or so and wipes me out for a day. Then at home Each day we have to flush it to clean it out and pack it (stuff it full of special gauze rope) with fresh packing and bandage it. The whole process takes about 5 min. We have it down to a science. I can even nurse while Karl plays nurse HA!
Anyhow, last week it got all funky and smelly and nasty so my doc ran a culture and sure enough I have yet another infection so that means more high powered meds. On the bright side as of last week it has closed up a 1/4 of a cm. whoop dee dah. I guess given the fact that that is the first time in the four weeks I have been going to the wound care that I have made progress I should be happy but really a 1/4 of a frickin cm? Call me an overachiever but I would think I was more capable of producing numbers in the inches not cm! Also on the not so bright side since going to the wound care clinic and starting on my magic wound healing high protein diet I have gained back 8 of the 32 post baby #5 pounds I had managed to lose and according to my Doc I have more to look forward to regaining...
So to sum it all up , I still have a hole in my gut it stinks and its infected. I have to be on meds for the next ten days that will most likely exacerbate Bey's thrush situation (awesome), I am on a "special" diet that is causing me to gain weight and is only growing me back new tissue at the rate of 1/4 of a cm per month. I cannot work out because I have a holey gut and I am gaining back my pregnancy weight that I just lost. Oh and did I forget to mention my Latex allergy is making all of this so fun? Good times.
I would post a picture but it's kinda in a private-ish area and lets face it it's nasty and well, gross. So for your viewing pleasure I thought I would show you a picture of better days. Here is Karl diving. Great form old boy and talk about a farmer's tan:) Oh how I hope this wound closes up by summer I'm already being deprived of baths but not being able to swim would be truly tragic.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Six Weeks!!

Smokey and Bédryn carrying on the family tradition

Bédryn six weeks old

Bédryn and his star blankie... see he looks like a star in it:)

Today marks Bédryn's sixth week birthday. It seems to have flown by. Usually I get all weepy and post partum-y with every little milestone until my meds kick in but since I started them earlier this time I haven't. On the one hand yeah no tears and drama on the other I feel like because I wasn't hyper aware of every little milestone I missed out on something. Whacked out logic I know but it is what it is. So to celebrate my lack of tears and Bédryn's sixth week I would like to point out the milestones that have occurred thus far that I did notice and that made my heart catch but not break.

+ Nurses like a champ
+ Belches like a sailor
+ grew out of newborn diapers and clothes
+ Hates car rides with a passion
+ drank out of a bottle successfully during first at home alone with daddy
+ finally took a Binky for longer than a min
+ slept for a four hour stretch during the night
+ starts to loose some of his hair
+ got his first little cold
+ had his first poopy blowout (and only so far)
+ sort of conquered his gassy tummy (thank you Gripe water!)
+ lost his umbilical cord
+ had his first shower - LOVED IT
+ mostly grew out of size one diapers but He still has to wear them cause I have like 5 packs left (he just gets changed more often)
+ finally starts cooing and will even smile now and then
+ slept in his crib for the whole of nap time
+ got his star blankie as a gift and took to it like an old friend
+ sat in his bumbo and loved it
+ shows preference to Kippi over brothers (made her year)
+ started giggling in his sleep (sigh and maybe a tear)
+ got thrush
+ grew an inch since birth and gained 1 pound 11 ounces too
+ took his first non-screaming car ride (thank you Binky!)
+ was babysat by Aunt Eden for the first time
+ took his first nap with Smokey the crib thief
+ Loves tummy time
+ had first taste of ice cream (thanks daddy)
+ stole all our hearts and wiggled his way right into his place as a member of our family (sob)

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Birthday bashing

So this last week has had it's ups and downs but for the most part it's been good. Conner and Caleb my Nephews had birthdays last month and for various reasons didn't get their party until this week. We all went to Chuck -e -Cheese and the kids had a blast. They remodeled the place and it not so dark and dirty but it was still full of runny nosed kids and parents wearing clothes that where WAY too young and tight for them (nice).So, Bey stayed in his car seat all tucked in and away from the germs and stripper mommas wanting to get a good look at the new baby. The other kids were on their own because well for one they have decent immune systems and two I didn't feel like carrying in all the car seats because that's what it would have taken to hold them down. Sometimes I wonder what the point of a place like Chuckee's is. The food isn't great not bad but not great and you pay an arm and a leg for it then there are the games. the tokens are a rip off and half the time the kids don't get any tickets because all the good games don't give you tickets. Then when it's time to go and the kids want to "get their prizes" you have like 60 tickets to split between five kids Sa weet! To top it all off the only thing 12 tickets is gonna get you is a tootsie roll (the little one) which no kid in their right mind is gonna choose or a plastic toy that falls apart before your kids are even buckled in leaving you (the parent) locked in a car having to listen to said kids cry and pout the whole way home. But lets no get carried away here it's the experience an the memories that count right? Well at least the kids got cousin time, something we haven't had a lot of since we moved back out to Burbank and the adults got time to sit and gossip ( my favorite part of any family gathering). Not to mention the fact that we all got a good reminder of why we only do this whole Chuck-E-Cheese thing for those we love the most and even then we have a once a year limit on it.

This picture is of Kippi in her blessing outfit. Isn't is GORGEOUS?! My mother in law made it. She is pretty much a genius seamstress. This reminder of her so small just makes me kind of sad because in just a few short weeks she is going to get baptized! Can it be that she is already eight. Well yes and she has in fact been eight since December but she chose to wait to get baptized until March so that her Oma, Opa and Aunt Mar could come up from Wyoming and be here for both a baby blessing (Bey's) and a baptism. It has been a hard wait but it's almost over. Now I just need to find her a white dress for it.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

*** Keeping it Real ***

Niki at the hospital right before having Bey.Uh yup there was only one kid in there. It makes me think of Jon and Kate plus eight and when she had six babies in her belly.. Look how small my boobs look and how short my legs are! Today looking at this makes me feel grateful I'm not pregnant right now. It was hard at the end this time.

* I thought by now I would be back to a "normal" schedule when in fact my new "normal" is up all night sleep till noon.

* We made home made valentines this year and they rocked but I forgot to take pictures

* Rieken says I smell like sour milk... Well guess what that's what happens when you breastfeed and produce enough milk to feed a small village. It's called overflow, get used to it, I have.

*Kippi and Kelten have been screaming a lot lately at each other and anyone who ticks them off and I just don't have the energy to care until I have had enough and then I scream too. Awesome. Quality parenting going on round here.

* right now I have four boys sawing logs in my bed -Karl, Rieken ,Tiernen, and Bey. Thank heavens for California King beds!

*My wound is still open.. It stinks.. Literally and figuratively.

* Kelten woke up this morning and barfed all over and all I could say was, please tell me you made it to the toilet? again mornings, not my best parenting prime time right now.

*I filed our taxes.. they should come this week... too bad they will be gone by next.. BILLS SUCK THE LIFE OUT OF ME sometimes.

* I haven't taken a single picture since Bey turned three weeks and we are in his fifth week because I'm too lazy to charge the camera.

*My laundry is DONE (has been since I left for the hospital) all washed, folded and put away even the hanging clothes. This is HUGE!

* I love netflix Karl and I have been watching Lost from season One together. We never saw it when it was out. so far it is taking forever we are only 12 episodes in because Karl only has so much time to spend on TV with his wacky schedule so In the meantime I am watching bones from the start and i like it. I'm almost done with season two... Oh and did I mention Tiernen can watch Dora in my room so I can keep him close while I sleep until noon?. Oh yeah Netflix is a lifesaver.

* Karl got me a sewing machine for my birthday and it is still in the box three months later... I have great intentions and no motivation.

* I need to shave my legs know it's too long when it hurts when you rub your legs in your blankets. Sheesh

* I kinda hate going anywhere in the car because Bey screams the whole time and by the time we get where we are going I am soaking wet. Seriously. I even leaked through my jacket before a DR. appointment last week. Guess what I couldn't bring myself to care that much. so my clothes are soaking wet and plastered to my body in the shape of my ginormous boobs I obviously have a new baby who is screaming at the top of his lungs put two and two together quit staring and give me a break!

* Today I ate fake sushi and I liked it I can't stop thinking about it actually.

* Tomm. I am going to do homework, clean the bathroom and possible mop the floors. after I crawl out of bed in time for lunch of course.

* Karl keeps talking in his sleep it is so funny. He totally talks about work all serious and stuff. Good thing he's not some spy or his secrets would be out!

* Kelten got glasses and he is so cute in them.He got gold frames because the cute lady who was helping him pick them out suggested they looked good with the gold highlights in his hair. Funny!
*Kippi keeps talking about the hot boys at school. I think that is trouble waiting to happen! Kelten thinks it's annoying

*Tiernen is officially potty trained even through the night. FINALLY!

so thats it our life in a nut shell right now
the end.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Little miss Momma

Kippi and Bédryn

Kippi is such a great helper . She loves to snuggle Bédryn and change his diapers. One day she is going to be a great mommy, she has such a great heart and she is so empathetic. Since Bédryn and I got home from the hospital she has helped so much around the house with chores and with the other kids as well. She reads to Rieken every night and she makes all the beds in the morning. Each child has chores they have to do but I rarely have to ask her to do them and if I do she does them happily. Kippi got invited to a friends house yesterday and when I picked her up the Mom told me how much her daughter looked up to Kippi and wanted to read all the time so she could read as well as Kippi could. I know Kippi is awesome but it was thrilling to hear that from another parent. It was a proud Mommy moment. We sure Love our Little Miss Momma.

Friday, February 4, 2011