Saturday, February 19, 2011

Birthday bashing

So this last week has had it's ups and downs but for the most part it's been good. Conner and Caleb my Nephews had birthdays last month and for various reasons didn't get their party until this week. We all went to Chuck -e -Cheese and the kids had a blast. They remodeled the place and it not so dark and dirty but it was still full of runny nosed kids and parents wearing clothes that where WAY too young and tight for them (nice).So, Bey stayed in his car seat all tucked in and away from the germs and stripper mommas wanting to get a good look at the new baby. The other kids were on their own because well for one they have decent immune systems and two I didn't feel like carrying in all the car seats because that's what it would have taken to hold them down. Sometimes I wonder what the point of a place like Chuckee's is. The food isn't great not bad but not great and you pay an arm and a leg for it then there are the games. the tokens are a rip off and half the time the kids don't get any tickets because all the good games don't give you tickets. Then when it's time to go and the kids want to "get their prizes" you have like 60 tickets to split between five kids Sa weet! To top it all off the only thing 12 tickets is gonna get you is a tootsie roll (the little one) which no kid in their right mind is gonna choose or a plastic toy that falls apart before your kids are even buckled in leaving you (the parent) locked in a car having to listen to said kids cry and pout the whole way home. But lets no get carried away here it's the experience an the memories that count right? Well at least the kids got cousin time, something we haven't had a lot of since we moved back out to Burbank and the adults got time to sit and gossip ( my favorite part of any family gathering). Not to mention the fact that we all got a good reminder of why we only do this whole Chuck-E-Cheese thing for those we love the most and even then we have a once a year limit on it.

This picture is of Kippi in her blessing outfit. Isn't is GORGEOUS?! My mother in law made it. She is pretty much a genius seamstress. This reminder of her so small just makes me kind of sad because in just a few short weeks she is going to get baptized! Can it be that she is already eight. Well yes and she has in fact been eight since December but she chose to wait to get baptized until March so that her Oma, Opa and Aunt Mar could come up from Wyoming and be here for both a baby blessing (Bey's) and a baptism. It has been a hard wait but it's almost over. Now I just need to find her a white dress for it.

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The Patriot Poster said...

Awww, that's back at the old Laramie house--that's when I got to hang out with you guys! :)