Monday, February 28, 2011

Holy Guts batman

So, I thought I would update you all on my hole-y gut. Bey is six weeks and my gut is still open. Yup as in a big hole in my gut where a nice new shiny scar should be.The actual hole itself is not huge about the size of an egg but underneath is a pretty good sized pocket that is open and a big problem
This is my fourth C-section and I have never had this happen before and to be honest it's discouraging. I go in weekly to the Wound Care Clinic and my doc measures and debris my wound (think micro cheese grater removing dead flesh. yum) This usually takes an hour or so and wipes me out for a day. Then at home Each day we have to flush it to clean it out and pack it (stuff it full of special gauze rope) with fresh packing and bandage it. The whole process takes about 5 min. We have it down to a science. I can even nurse while Karl plays nurse HA!
Anyhow, last week it got all funky and smelly and nasty so my doc ran a culture and sure enough I have yet another infection so that means more high powered meds. On the bright side as of last week it has closed up a 1/4 of a cm. whoop dee dah. I guess given the fact that that is the first time in the four weeks I have been going to the wound care that I have made progress I should be happy but really a 1/4 of a frickin cm? Call me an overachiever but I would think I was more capable of producing numbers in the inches not cm! Also on the not so bright side since going to the wound care clinic and starting on my magic wound healing high protein diet I have gained back 8 of the 32 post baby #5 pounds I had managed to lose and according to my Doc I have more to look forward to regaining...
So to sum it all up , I still have a hole in my gut it stinks and its infected. I have to be on meds for the next ten days that will most likely exacerbate Bey's thrush situation (awesome), I am on a "special" diet that is causing me to gain weight and is only growing me back new tissue at the rate of 1/4 of a cm per month. I cannot work out because I have a holey gut and I am gaining back my pregnancy weight that I just lost. Oh and did I forget to mention my Latex allergy is making all of this so fun? Good times.
I would post a picture but it's kinda in a private-ish area and lets face it it's nasty and well, gross. So for your viewing pleasure I thought I would show you a picture of better days. Here is Karl diving. Great form old boy and talk about a farmer's tan:) Oh how I hope this wound closes up by summer I'm already being deprived of baths but not being able to swim would be truly tragic.

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::lindsay said...

That just stinks! I'm so sorry! Hopefully your body will start recovering at a rate faster than 1/4 in. a week! Hang in there!