Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Little miss Momma

Kippi and Bédryn

Kippi is such a great helper . She loves to snuggle Bédryn and change his diapers. One day she is going to be a great mommy, she has such a great heart and she is so empathetic. Since Bédryn and I got home from the hospital she has helped so much around the house with chores and with the other kids as well. She reads to Rieken every night and she makes all the beds in the morning. Each child has chores they have to do but I rarely have to ask her to do them and if I do she does them happily. Kippi got invited to a friends house yesterday and when I picked her up the Mom told me how much her daughter looked up to Kippi and wanted to read all the time so she could read as well as Kippi could. I know Kippi is awesome but it was thrilling to hear that from another parent. It was a proud Mommy moment. We sure Love our Little Miss Momma.


owona said...

Kippi is amazing, and it's awesome that you posted this about her...we just love her and all your kids! Love the pic, too!

Jen said...

O so so sweet! :) He's adorable and I love those cheeks and I'm still waiting to hear his facts... how much did he weigh... those cheeks must be a pound each. I love it! My boys were chubs too. :)