Friday, February 25, 2011

Six Weeks!!

Smokey and Bédryn carrying on the family tradition

Bédryn six weeks old

Bédryn and his star blankie... see he looks like a star in it:)

Today marks Bédryn's sixth week birthday. It seems to have flown by. Usually I get all weepy and post partum-y with every little milestone until my meds kick in but since I started them earlier this time I haven't. On the one hand yeah no tears and drama on the other I feel like because I wasn't hyper aware of every little milestone I missed out on something. Whacked out logic I know but it is what it is. So to celebrate my lack of tears and Bédryn's sixth week I would like to point out the milestones that have occurred thus far that I did notice and that made my heart catch but not break.

+ Nurses like a champ
+ Belches like a sailor
+ grew out of newborn diapers and clothes
+ Hates car rides with a passion
+ drank out of a bottle successfully during first at home alone with daddy
+ finally took a Binky for longer than a min
+ slept for a four hour stretch during the night
+ starts to loose some of his hair
+ got his first little cold
+ had his first poopy blowout (and only so far)
+ sort of conquered his gassy tummy (thank you Gripe water!)
+ lost his umbilical cord
+ had his first shower - LOVED IT
+ mostly grew out of size one diapers but He still has to wear them cause I have like 5 packs left (he just gets changed more often)
+ finally starts cooing and will even smile now and then
+ slept in his crib for the whole of nap time
+ got his star blankie as a gift and took to it like an old friend
+ sat in his bumbo and loved it
+ shows preference to Kippi over brothers (made her year)
+ started giggling in his sleep (sigh and maybe a tear)
+ got thrush
+ grew an inch since birth and gained 1 pound 11 ounces too
+ took his first non-screaming car ride (thank you Binky!)
+ was babysat by Aunt Eden for the first time
+ took his first nap with Smokey the crib thief
+ Loves tummy time
+ had first taste of ice cream (thanks daddy)
+ stole all our hearts and wiggled his way right into his place as a member of our family (sob)


LKP said...

hey! you guys are in our ward i think. my hubby's your son's scout leader (even though lately his work schedule's gotten in the way of weekly scout stuff). have a great weekend! cool that we both know rosie!

The Patriot Poster said...

I can't believe it's already 6 weeks. I was thinking like 3... Seems like you were aware of and remembered a darn lotta stuff about his first 6 weeks though! We had one of those blankie coats for Allie and she totally looked like a teal starfish! And I loved the Smokey pictures--my cats totally wanted to do that, I just kept the door shut. The one still sneaks in for a diaper changing pad nap! ha! Love you guys! CMP

mercurry said...

so cute