Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Bédryn 7 weeks

I am a bit behind but here are Bédryn's 7 week shots. I will try to post a ton of pics on our FB page but until then these will have to do:) I do have other kids and I do take their pictures too but latley they have all been puking so...

TIERNEN watching movies in my bed while he was sick.

KIPPI in bed with her new best freind the puke bowl

She pretty much hung out there for 9 days!

Bédryn sleeping in his crib

Bey playing with his toy

Bey and Daddy
old man smile
Looking at the Angels
Bey and his cousin Enri
they are only one week apart to the day but Enri out weighs him
by at least 2lbs.!

Bey in his Bumbo

He loves that thing!