Monday, April 18, 2011

A Baptisim and A Blessing

Oma, Opa and Aunt Mar came up from Wyoming to support Kippi at her Baptisim and Bédryn at his blessing.
Opa Dennis and Karl Bédryn wearing his blessing outfit that Oma made out of fabric that Kat brought home from China. It is the same outfit Rieken and Tiernen were blessed in too. No worries he was a perfect angle during the blessing and all through sacrament but by the time we got home and wanted to take pictures he was good and hungry can you tell?
Daddy and Bédryn

Blessing day
April 10,2011
Karl, the kids, Mar, Opa and Oma
Kippi and her Daddy the day of her Baptisim

April 9, 2011

  • Aunt Toot played the music

  • Mar was the chorister

  • Grammy Lanai and and Uncle Kim gave the talks

  • Opa and Uncle Ryan witnessed
    Oma and Mar took turns on baby duty
Loads of family and friends and even a few ward members turned out for her on her special day. I didn't get everyone's pictures but here are a few. Cousin Catherine and her friend Miranda
Owona family
Aunt Kristy and Enri
Great Grandpa and Great GrandmaKippi and her Dad just before the Baptism Kippi's post dunk hair. Kippi showing off her shrug that Oma whipped up for her on the drive from Wyoming. The women is amazingly talented!

And of course after everything we held a littel party with cake and ice cream. She also recieved some pretty awesome gifts. Grammy Lanai got her a quad with her name on it, Aunt Toot got her a braclet and Karl and I got her a pearl braclet and a CTR ring which she promtly lost at school on Monday.

It was such a wonderful and special weekend and a long time in coming. Kippi turned eight in December but she really wanted her Oma and Opa and Aunt Mar to be there so she chose to wait until Wyoming's weather would be a little better.

And they came and we couldn't thank them enough

We feel so blessed to have a dughter who loves her Heavenly Father and his Gospel and chose to become a member of the our church by being baptized. We are also so thankful to have the privlage to have Bédryn
as a member of our family and for the oppurtinity to hear Karl as he blessed him. It was beautiful.

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John & Becky Lyn and Family said...

What neat pictures.....thanks so much for sharing, you have such a cute family and I'm glad you had a wonderful time visiting family!