Wednesday, April 20, 2011

down sizing

One day recently Karl and I realized we could feed a small village on the money we were spending to feed our Expedition.

(we affectionately refer to Him as the Rig)

So we crunched some numbers and decided to downsize.

This was not an easy decision because we loved that Rig.

It fit us all with room for one more which is good because we would like to have another baby

(not yet sheesh!)

and he was paid off = nice.

But, it was the right thing to do for us right now...

We told the kids and they were all excited with the exception of Rieken.

Rieken cried off and on for two days.

He loved that Rig.

Here he is the day we traded in the Rig.

sad sad sad I tell ya. Here is our new to us Van

She is smaller not as fully loaded and she only seats 7 so we are full when we are all in.

But, she gets WAY better gas mileage, she is newer, she has WAY fewer miles She makes it a lot easier for us to load and unload the beasties and, she has stow and go!

We let the kids get in and try it all out (see Tiernen "driving her) and we gave Rieken the huge responsibility of naming her.

Wow looking at this pic I realized we hadn't even owner her for ten min. and she was already loaded up with a ton of our crap!

Oh well such is life with five kids:) Tiernen, Kippi Kelten & Bédryn love her

Mommy and Daddy love her
Even Rieken loves her.
In fact he loves her so much that after about a week he announced he was naming her Mini Rig because he loves her as much as he Loved the big Rig and he still misses him.


Christin said...

We also have an Excursion (we call it the explosion) and it's KILLING me at the pump. Did you guys get anything for it in your trade?

I'd love to trade ours too.

Washington Rimmasch Family said...

Yeah we got blue book (3,000) for it. It was 13 yrs old and had over 200,000 miles on it so it was considered in fair condition. Frankly I was thrilled because when we got it a few years ago we didn't pay that much more for it so we got a great trade. And the van was priced even before our trade at over 3,000 less than blue book so we had instant equity.