Thursday, April 21, 2011

Life at the little yellow house

Life at the Rimmasch Haus has been crazy lately. We have had so many things going on time just seems to be zooming on without me. I have really done a crap job of keeping up on the ol' blog but I thought I'd give you a peek of what a typical day can look like right now.

After the daily morning rush the house looks like a bomb hit it. What you don't have toys strewn about and random boxes of cereal left out? Oh and lets not forget the stray wadded up Kleenex on the floor or the fact that the kids left a huge mound of blankets on the couch and the wii stuff out and I think I see some jammies on the floor. The only excuse I have is that my kids are EARLY risers and I am NOT. So they get up at five am and get ready for school and eat and then they play wii or read or watch a movie before they have to leave at 7:25 am. So by the time I crawl out of bed at 6 something and prop my eyelids open the hurricane has hit, damage has been done and guess what I'm not complaining cause I got to sleep an extra hour!


and and that may or may not get cleaned up before the lunch.
after the big kids leave Bey likes to hang in his Bumbo and suck on his fingers and smile and just be a good boy cause lets face it I am still on the couch "resting my eyes..."

after a while he gets tuckered out and falls asleep. What a good boy!almost every day we have some type of kid related thing. this is Kippi saying her lines (very well I might add) at the China play for her school
Then after school we have chores and homework.
By the time evening hits we just drop where we land...I spy with my little eye little feet do you?And yes this is the "Master" .

we are talking small space here guys

here is a close up of those feet I was spying:)

at least Bey made it to a bed, not his bed but a bed. Then on the weekends we have cousins over and we party like rock stars and stay up late and the kids make their own breakfast
(OK they do that every day but you get the gist)
Oh and here is a super cute shot of my Rieken boy just because
So now you have seen what a typical day might look like around here. What does it look like at your house?

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