Saturday, May 28, 2011

***Today ***

Today I...

* slept in REALLY late

* went to the library and only checked out books for Beastie #1

* took Beastie #4 for a Happy Meal

* Went and visited my DAD
* Rented 3-- non animated movies and watched two... by myself...
(saving #3 to watch w/ the Handy man)

*spent some really quality one on one with Besties 4 &5

*Ate a salad for dinner and Doritos for dessert... It was all sorts of right

* didn't have to break up ANY fighting or dish out any extra chores...

* spoke with my Mom, sisters and a couple of friends all mostly uninterupted

* realized I really did have it good when I only had two kids...

* thought about my three oldest Beasties ALL DAY because they are gone camping all weekend.

* Decided although life is much quieter with only two I'm blessed and greatful to have five.

* wished with all my heart I had a for real dishwasher not just lefty and righty cause my kitchen looked like this...AWESOME! Um some of those are clean I just hate puting away as much as washing...