Monday, December 12, 2011

This makes my head hurt!

Bey showing off one of his talents...Stealing his brothers snacks

I have five kids and each of them has a unique personality and set of talents. Some of them are super smart some are very musically talented, some are fashion savvy and others are very athletic as for personality we have anywhere from drama queen to mamma's boy in there. I always find it so fascinating that Karl and I are raising each one practically the same and yet they are so different. Here is Rieken doing his latest thing - Head spins. He has also been running and climbing the walls, literally; I think he would be great at parkour. He reminds me of the videos I have seen on it (Google it). He gallops through the house and climbs anything he can and if he isn't climbing he is jumping running spinning --- and I swear he only works in med-hi gear no slow motion or even regular for this kid. Anyhow, I hope you enjoy the video oh and aren't my boy's bunk beds great?! My dad and the Handy man built them. We have a super limited amount of space so we built the bottom bunk straight on the floor and they are shorter and more narrow than a regular twin bunk. I need to paint them but I haven't yet... Oh well they work just fine unpainted and they are sturdy enough to withstand my 5 rambunctious beasties.

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The Patriot Poster said...

I can't believe how cute each one is and how big they are getting and how much they are all changing! Kelten was just a smidge older than Bey is now when I first met you. And it was 9 years ago that you brought Kippi to my graduation party and she stole the show. :) Aren't we all just a unique, wonderful disaster?? My kids amaze me in their uniqueness too. :) CMP