Thursday, December 8, 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Rimmaschaus Christmas count down
Idea from Dandee a few years ago and we love it!
it is so fun to watch Tiernen discover all
of the ornaments
He is mesmerized

Nutcrackers galore
sparkly trees

An insanely beautiful cross stitch made just for us
By Aunt Kat

a few pine cones,a handful of colorful tinsel and a couple of glass floats and
 Christmas spirit in a basket

Our hand carved Santa made for us by
 our SUPER talented cousin Arlene
He hides in a new spot each year
baubles and beads
Vintage Santa box + vintage books = perfection


No sew stockings thank you very much
Bey's isn't done yet so it isn't up but it will be by the end of the week!

Bedryn playing with the Nativity Oma made for the beasties.
I Love the fact that my kids have a nativity they can play with.
It literally puts the "reason for the season"
in the palm of their hands

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owona said...

So awesome!! You and Karl are so good at making the magic of Christmas come alive...what lucky kids you have! Makes me want to turn on some Christmas music and drink some hot cocoa by the fire...or something! Haha!! Love you all and hope you enjoy the wonder and delight of this Holiday Season!