Friday, January 6, 2012


Today I...

*took the baby to the doctor

*shopped the clearance section at shopko while waiting for prescriptions to be filled

*scrubbed and I mean with a toothbrush scrubbed, our one bathroom.. should be good to go for a day or two now. Ah the life of one bathroom and five boys.

*brushed the cat he seems to think it may be summer he is shedding like mad. Stinking wonderful warm weather

*put Tiernen in  timeout (also know as sat him on the toile wt/ the lid down of course)  at least five times just so he could scream the whole time. that kid is in my top two most stubborn and that is saying something.

*returned some library books that were Wee-heeellll past due. apparently there is still one out there somewhere that I missed

* "rented" 7 movies from the library. One of which is, Gone with the wind. I'm so excited to watch it because I have never seen it.

* did not do a single load of laundry... That is gonna bite me in the bum later

* opened one of Bey's birthday gifts early because he got shots today and needed something extra.

* ate a num dilly-is-ous meal that the handy man made for us...

*wrote up my January calender on our white board aahhhhh! oh yeah let the rumpus begin people ;) j/k

*paid bills yuck

*lost my patience with one of my kiddos and I am still feeling bad about the was I chose to handle it as opposed to the way I really should have.

* watched a late night flick and ate snacks with the Handy Man yum.

*got sucked into pinterest for way to long

*listened to the Handy man read scriptures and talk in detail about what was going on to the kids for an hour. He is amazing like that.

*ate mini ice cubes one by one out of the cutest little mini cube tray that I got for Christmas. LOVE.

*was told by a certain daughter that I was funny but in a mom kind of way.

*realized I am officially boring.

 sheesh it took me like 20 min. to pull this list together
- I need to get out of vacation mode.

Until next time.

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