Tuesday, February 21, 2012

No frosting just cake...

My friend asked me to post and I told her my card reader had broken and I didn't want to blog without pictures because to me it's like cake without the frosting, pointless. But then I got to thinking about January and that's kind of how I would describe pretty much the whole month with the exception of a great trip during which we got to see my sis and her family and also get some great motivation and education. Other than that just bland cake. 

January was one of those months that started out all slow and steady and then when we least expected it *BAM* life of the unpleasant kind hit us smack dab in the knee caps. We all got sick like we haven't in a L-O-N-G time, we had some serious emotional moments and heartaches due to hard life lessons, and then we got sick again. Like I said a little cake but no frosting.

February has been a little better but it's like we are desperately trying to make up for January and barley managing February. Does that make sense? It doesn’t help that we are still feeling the effects from both our illnesses and the hard lessons of January.  

Just so this post doesn't totally depress you I'd like to share some of the more stellar moments of the past little bit. As soon as I get new card reader I will get on and post all about frosting :)

*Kelten made the decision to go back to public school and it has been wonderful. He was getting bored at home and to be honest I was horrible at keeping him on track ;) 
*Bey folds his little hands and "says" (grunts with inflection) the prayer whenever we say one. SO adorable 
*Karl turned in his notice and will be changing things up career wise by April (more on that later)

And finally I'd like to leave you with this conversation we had a little bit ago it still makes me laugh but, first a little background. We got each of the kids a toy when we were gone on our trip and Rieken's was a Hal Jordon (the Green Lantern) guy with a pullback motorcycle. It also came with a ring that we thought would light up but we couldn't get it to work...This is the conversation that took place while trying to figure it out.
Rieken: I think it needs batteries, maybe you shake it?

Dad: is it powered by light?

Kelten: Oh yeah stick it in the light see what it does.

Dad: lights off, moment of truth

Rieken: Nothing (flips the lights on).........Maybe its skin activated!

Dad and mom look at each other and laugh because that’s pretty cute 

Kelten: Oh yeah there are Chicks out there like that..... 

Mom and Dad in unison: Yes there are HA! (Totally laughing out loud)

Kelten: (oblivious to his rude Mom and Dad who apparently have their minds in the gutter)
Yeah they make them at Easter you know those little baby chicks you set on the palm of your hand and because they are "skin activated" they start chirping...

Rieken: Oh yeah I've seen those I love skin activated chicks!

Dad: me too!

Mom and Dad: had to get up and leave the room because they couldn't stop laughing. :) 

We are so glad Kelten is 12 and totally innocent!