Friday, September 28, 2012


We live in an area that has all kinds of farms and crops and over the last few weeks everyone has been harvesting and transporting their goods, often by Semi truck with an open top so we can see whats inside. When you add this to usual variety of  trucks hauling goods you can have a right fun time playing games in the car with the kids while you drive. I like to point out a truck and ask the kids what they think is inside and usually they can tell based on the open top or the logo on the side or the stuff flying out the back :) but its sometimes funny to hear what they think they see or what they think a certain logo means.
    Well early last weekend we took the kids to Spokane  for a visit with  my sister and to let the big kids use the Silver Wood tickets they had earned at school. It is a two hour drive from where we live so we had plenty of car time to play the truck game. We passed all sorts of trucks like an apple truck an onion truck  a cattle hauler a milk truck and a fuel tanker my kids call it the gas truck and then always talk about the driver having to be extra careful because his "gas" is  combustible ha! So here we are driving along and Tiernen yells out, "its the Spahooch truck!" Spahooch is what we call spaghetti I think it a Rimmasch thing. Anyhow we all look over to see what the heck he is talking about and guess what? It's a Walmart truck! Of all the things we get a Walmart Spahooch must be the one that sticks out to him because as far as he was concerned the whole purpose of that truck was to haul spahooch.  So dang cute, I just love that kid. Well that is it for now catch ya next time, N

Post edit: I received a note from Karl's Aunt Hazel letting me know that Spahooch actually came from Karl's Grandpa Bang therefore making it a Bangisim not a Rimmasch thing :) Thanks Hazel, I hate it when I get stuff all mixed up.  Grandpa Bang (Karl's Mom's Dad) was absolutely Hilarious and it makes my heart happy to know his  pot licking Mugwamps are carrying on the traditional Bang- lingo!

Friday, September 14, 2012

BEY turned One and I'm Finally blogging it 9 months later!!

Bey turned One on
 We had a Smashing party to celebrate it
here are the pictures
to prove it.

The Food
The Art
The decorations

The cake!

The inside of the cake...OOOh so pretty

The Eating of the cake :)

The End!!