Monday, April 8, 2013

December 2012

   December 2012 was full and frenzied for us here at the Rimmasch Haus. 
Here is a glimpse of what went down
For my birthday we took the kids out to Bateman Island and took Pictures
The Handyman had to have an  Emergency Dental appointment YOWZA!
It was an end of an Era when we sold the Blue Beast
We had a lot of lazy days in our jammies or only half our jammies :)
We took the whole family to an Americans Hockey game to celebrate Beastie 2's 10th Birthday.
I can't believe she is 10!  

I tried my hand at Chalkboard Art and loved it!
The stocking were hung
We sprinkled Christmas cheer throughout the Haus

The ol' Tree got all gussied up for the holidays
Massive amounts of  Hot chocolate were consumed
Beastie 5 played endlessly with our nativity from Oma,
 Often falling asleep doing so.
Beastie 3 had the pleasure of getting his front teeth kicked in,
literally by his sister.
 Of course we asked him what he wanted for
 Christmas now and he replied without hesitation, "Better reflexes!"
He also wrote the tooth fairy this fabulous note
trying to explain his chipped tooth
 so he wouldn't get "docked" money :)
We received packages from our Rimmasch relatives
We racked up hours of dance time
We had a cookie making and decorating extravaganza at
Grammy Lanai's with the cousins

My sewing machine got put to good use making gifts
for our very first Handmade holiday

Christmas time around here is really one of my favorite times but it can get very crazy and stressful when you are trying to gift for 5 kids. Over the years as our family grew we were feeling the pressure to get each of them what they wanted but not break the bank and of course as they got older their lists got bigger and you know, more-ish. Does any of this seem familiar to you?
  Well lucky for us right about the time we started having those concerns we came across a blog post at dandee  and it really hit home with us. It was so nice to know we weren't the only ones out there who wanted to simplify; we felt like she was writing our thoughts exactly! That is when we heard about the Want, Need, Wear  & Read tradition and decided it was just what this family needed.
   Then a couple of years ago the kids got big enough to start gifting each other and there are enough of them we decided to let them draw names so each kid wasn't having to purchase or make 4 gifts each. These gifts we call, Gifts of Love. We got the idea from Karl’s Aunt Hazel. Basically they make a gift for one person in the family and it’s done with thought and purpose and most importantly Love.
    I have always loved the idea and knew I wanted to implement this tradition into our family one day so the minute our kids got old enough we started. It has been a smashing hit since then and in fact some years we noticed the best gifts, the ones loved and used most were the gifts of Love.
    This year for Christmas we were determined to stay within a very minimal budget and we wanted to make each gift count so we decided to try a new route, a handmade holiday.
    I'm not going to lie, I totally thought this is going to be so much easier than having to deal with the crowds and find the best deals. Ugh yeah well let’s just say it was a serious LABOR of love. Although we saved time in town, a lot of the gifts were very time intensive and well, we didn't decide to do this until Thanksgiving Day! So we pretty much had 20 gifts to come up with and make in a month and we still had 5 littles who needed to complete their gifts of Love as well. Needless to say it came down to the wire but the payoff was tremendous.
 We spent a lot of time scouring Pinterest as if it was the Sears Catalog for ideas but in the end we were successful. A lot of our gifts were inspired by pinterest ideas. If you want to  you can  find what we did on my  Handmade Holiday 2012 board. We didn't do everything on the board  but what we didn't do we are saving for next time Also to clarify, not all of our ideas came from Pinterest so some of our gifts won't be on the board. 
Here are a few of the gifts that were made for our Handmade Holiday 2012

Super Hero Masks and Cuffs  for Beasties 4 and 5's wear
They also got Dino Hoodies  not shown
The felt faces for Beastie 4's Need
Sewing cards  for Beastie 4 made as a gift of Love for Beastie 5
The Stomp and Catch board  for Beastie 4's Want
Leather bookmarks for Beastie 2 and 3's  Read

The Avengers shirt Beastie 2 made as a gift of Love for Beastie 1
One of the I Spy mats for Beasties 4 and 5's Read
 Lap desk Beastie 3 made as a gift of Love  for Beastie 2
(with a little help)
 Sensory toy  for Beastie 5's  Need
Leather bracelets  for Beasties 1, 2 and 3 for their wear
Beastie 4 snuggling the Grappling Hook Santa brought him.
On Christmas morning he ran out saw it and yelled, "Yes I knew it, only TRUE ninjas get grappling hooks from Santa!"

So there you have it, a little glimpse into December 2012 at the Rimmasch Haus
I hope you enjoyed it. 
Until next time, N


Katastrophe said...

Awesome post. I do the want, need, wear, read Christmas for my kids too and it's amazing how much more enjoyable it is for everyone. Gifts of love is brilliant. I'm going to try it this year. Your family is beautiful. Every time I see your daughters face it's like looking at you when we were kids.

Washington Rimmasch Family said...

@katastophe Thanks for that sweet compliment!I totally agree the
W-N-W-R Christmas is the only way to go.Okay so I have to ask because, I can't find your picture and I don't recognize your user name and you said we grew up together. Who are you? Ha!Oh and Welcome to the blog!

Katastrophe said...

Your childhood partner in crime of course! Easter bunny in the car, smoke bomb in the bathroom, miles and miles of searching for a lost puppy only to find him under the porch when we got home? Yeah that one hahaha.

Washington Rimmasch Family said...

@katastrophe I forgot about the smoke bomb! oh man are we getting our paybacks now or what!
By the way your kids especially your girls look JUST LIKE YOU!!!lucky lucky girls :)

owona said...

Love the your fam...Rieken's tooth fairy note and Tiernen's grappling hook crack me up...LOVE YOU ALL!

owona said...

PS...OK, the handmade Christmas was are FREAKING AMAZING!