Wednesday, April 10, 2013

February 2013 ~~~ Love month baby!

February around the Haus was pretty great. We finally got some nice weather. No one was sick SCORE! Kippi made it through her Market day with flying colors with the help of her family and friends. Valentines Day was a "treat" and we even managed a road trip to Aunty Tootie's in Spokane. 
the kids enjoying the warmer
weather and the longer days
Beastie 5 going on a walk with Grammy Lanai
He was SOOO excited for the nicer weather!
Beasties 4 and 5 digging up my yard .
Tiernen was feeling warm so
of course that called for going topless
 in 45 degree weather.
it was warmer but not warm enough for that!

 Kippi Had Market day at school. she chose to do a nail salon with a group of friends and they came to our house and spent an afternoon practicing on all of us (boys and men included!) and making signs. When all was said and done someone stole almost all the money (funny money) from their cash box and they each only made about 10 bucks! Tears were shed but it was a great lesson and at the next market day her and her friend made the most money out of the entire market!
some serious napping took place by animals
and humans alike!

I love this bum pillow shot  of beastie 4 and 5 
 Homemade Valentines  were made for school parties

Chalkboard LOVE in my kitchen
Breakfast love on Valentines Day

After school snacks for my LOVE Bugs

 For Valentines Day the Handy Man and I went out to Dinner. It was really nice to get dolled up and go out on a real Date with my Man! Oh and he got me those beautiful flowers even though both of us usually skip the flowers because they just die (it's  called being practical). It was so sweet of him and they actually lasted quite a while. 

Captured this little gem at Auntie Tootie's house .
When you are somewhere unfamiliar
 it's always nice to have something
familiar to snuggle :)
We spent Hours at the park!.
 We had a picnic lunch and
let the kids RUN!
The babies loved swinging the most

of course when we got home real life
came with it and that meant a mountain of

Beastie 5 was SO thrilled to come home to his Daddy!
Biddy and Daddy Reunited

February was a great month for the WASH-MASCH clan
 (thanks for that nickname Janet!)
Until next time,  N

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owona said...

YAY for an awesome month! I love how crafty your fam is...makes me a little sad that I suck at that, but I guess I can always call you if I need some crafting done! Great pics, too! So glad you guys made it over to visit...we had a wonderful time with you guys here. Let's do that again soon! Love ya!