Tuesday, April 9, 2013

January 2013

January... Well January started out great with an awesome New Years party with some great friends but of course I can't find the pictures. So just imagine good food, fun games, great friends and tons of laughing. 
It. Was. Awesome. 
Then, January kinda went downhill from there.  I had been putting off going in for a spinal tap over the holidays because it was so crazy busy and my family was out of town and I didn't want to put anyone out. Well, lesson learned. By the time I actually went in for my tap the pressure in my head was so severe I looked like I was having a stroke. The whole right side of my face was droopy and my right eye was almost swollen shut. Not Awesome. I had to have another CAT scan to make sure that wasn't the case (it wasn't) and then we waited forever for my tap. While we waited I had a wonderful experience knocking a full cup of pee (on the bright side it was my pee) to the ground and all over myself when I reached for it but misjudged the distance because of my depth perception issues. Again not awesome. So anyhow on to the Tap. They tried three times in the ER and couldn't get it. Usually I go through radiology but they were super busy. 
Finally one of the lead doctors came in and was able to get it on the first shot. 
He did tell us he just used the biggest needle he
 could find then he was sure to hit it. 
Uh ok not what I want to hear but your the Doctor dude. 
Well guess what? I have had TONS of spinals and Never had an issue not one but this time I had the most intense spinal headache and muscle spasms from the pain that totally put me down for almost a whole week. I actually went back in two days after the tap it was so bad. They gave me a muscle relaxer for my spasms but it didn't touch the pain so back we went two days later. I've have never been so grateful for IV  pain meds in my life! I had to get a blood patch and I was still out of it for another couple of days and then HALLELUJAH  the hole from my tap sealed and I was a new woman!
Day of the spinal

Spinal headache just hitting me

Back in for a blood patch and pain meds.
 My mom held my hand through the muscle spasms.
I felt like I was in labor but total body cramping and spasms
 were happening so it was different but just as intense
Karl taking care of the kids while I was down
When Daddy's in charge for days on end, fun things like this
target made out of crayon on the
 back of the boys  bedroom door happen

I decided after my nasty tap I wasn't doing this anymore.
 That is when I decided to make a change diet wise (I'm not supposed to exercise or it will raise my pressure)
My thoughts were  hopefully this would slow down my
condition at the very least  and maybe kick it all together .
 No guarantees but worth a shot right?
 (post on my lifestyle changes to come later)
After my week of Hell it was back to life as usual and
since my Tap had cleared my vision I was able to
 really see the beauty in some of these precious moments.

Really how can I not feel blessed with moments
 like these happening all around me.
And, I get to SEE them happening.

So there you have it. January started with a Bang turned into a steaming pile of dog crap
 and went softly into the night like a dream.
Not really my idea of a wonderful life but its my life and I'm so blessed to get to live it. 
Until next time, N 

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owona said...

You amaze me. I'm sorry you have to deal with the pain and frustration of this stupid condition, but you're a fighter, and I've never seen someone so determined and committed to fight. I'm glad you're feeling better! Love you!